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About Me

I enjoy photographyHi everyone, my name is Jewelz. Here are some quick facts about me:

Age: 19
Birthday: December 9
Occupation or Job: Full-time student
Favorite food: Mexican
Favorite colors: Turquoise and red
Favorite book: Together Again
Favorite movies: Finding Nemo, The Hangover
Favorite song: Your Guardian Angel
Favorite mottoes or sayings: “Promises mean forever, if you don’t mean forever don’t promise anything” & “Everything happens for a reason”
Four words that describe me: short, loving, wild, giving
Places I have traveled to: Mexico, Canada, and almost every state in the USA
Hobbies: photography, makeup artistry, painting, traveling, and occasionally, singing
Goals & ambitions: travel the world and open my own coffee shop
Accomplishments, awards, and volunteer work: Working with the homeless and elderly, pageantry and public appearances, photography, writing

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To all my friends new and old, I want to remind you that I am 19 years old and not a professional therapist or doctor! I have been told that I have a clear head and can help people see things in a new way, but please don’t consider my ideas as a substitute for a genuine medical consult.

If you have a problem or question, it can be safer to talk to someone like me; no judgments and no rumors posted all over Facebook! I call it like I see it and I really do care. You deserve a balanced opinion and I will do my best to answer your questions.

However, I know just enough to realize that I don’t know much! Take my input, and then think for yourself. In the end, you must do what you feel is right!

Also, if you are feeling depressed, sick or think you may be pregnant, professional medical care is really important! There are many doctors and counselors that will see you for free or at a rate you can afford. You are worth it!



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