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Beauty Questions and Answers

Straight, healthy hair can be yours

How do I get my hair straight without it looking
unhealthy and like a broom?
Do you use heat tamer? like heat protection for straighteners/curlers? If not, go to any local grocery store or drug store and you can get them there for like $10-20 and they are really worth it cuz it doesnt fry your hair. Also make sure your hair is hydrated, your body is not the only thing that needs to be hydrated. make sure you have a good conditioner, you can even go find hair "lotion" i know BB makes some and its great. just something to give your hair the "UMF" it needs, you know? Hope i helped
- Jewelz

my lips are dark how can i get rid of them i tried several creams can u suggest me any instant remedy for that...would be thankful
I'd suggest doing some research online about home remedies to lighten lip color or try some light lip gloss, or a lip stick with a gloss over it. just play around till you find something that satisfies you :)
- Jewelz

My legs are usually dry a lot, what type of lotion should I use, so when I put it on, my legs will be smooth?
You use shaving cream right? If you use soap you might want to re consider using shaving cream because it helps keep your legs nice and smooth and not so dry. There are alot of lotions you can find, you can just go browse at a drug store. Suave and Dove are nice brands to use for lotions.

Prevent mascara clumps

My mascara clumps up when I put it on, and I have to use my fingers to
un-clump it, what type of mascara does not clump?
A good way to prevent from clumps is: when your putting your mascara on, instead of just brushing straight upward, go side to side while going upward. But I like clinique mascara, but if you want something not so pricey, maybe try L'oreal mascara :)

When putting on eye-liner, how do I get it on straight on my upper eye lid? Is there a special technique?
Are you using wet or dry? Wet eyeliner is pretty tricky and takes some time and practice to get it the way you want it, whether its the exact way or close enough. but for putting eyeliner on your top lids is not rocket science, all you do is start inward to the outsides of your lids, and stay along your lash line. done go over your eyelashes or you'll end up with eyeliner clumps on your eyelashes. Good Luck!

There are a lot of great deodorant brands out there

What type of deodorant/brand last all day?
There are alot of good brands of deodorant that will last you the whole day through such as Dove, Secret, or what i like to use, Ban. Hope I was helpful!

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